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구매 지역

구독 통화:TALIS
시작 시간:2023-05-31 11:02:32
종료 시간:2023-11-27 11:02:32
총 발행량:100000000.000000 TALIS
발행 단가:0.010000
참가자 수:15000000.000000 TALIS
프로젝트 지시
구독 한도 :1000000.000000
구독 단가 :0.027452
단일 최소값 :15000000.000000
구독 한도 :100.000000

TALIS- Profile details

Talis is the platform currency of Tokencan Exchange, referred to as Tcoin. Talis condenses Tokencan's four-year operating results and will become the governance currency in the virtual world of Tokencan's Metaverse in the future.
In various application scenarios, Talis can realize various functions such as pledge, wealth management, payment and community governance. The pledge scenarios of Talis include Filecoin cold data storage, NFT project incubation, NFT whitelist, mining treasure priority; the financial management scenarios of Talis include position rebates, interest rate coupons; Tpay third-party payment, etc.; Talis' DAO community building scenarios include rewards, red envelopes, blind boxes, lottery draws, voting, etc.